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What exactly is Aesthetically pleasing, when it comes to faces?

Updated: Jul 19, 2023

Studies have shown that despite nationality, age, ethnic background, for the most part, people universally agree with what is attractive or aesthetically pleasing. Researches asked women from India, China and England to rate pictures of various Greek men and their choices were identical. Studies have shown that even babies show a sense of what is attractive with infants 3 to 6 months gazing longer at nice-looking faces than ones not so attractive.

Often we look at someone and think “wow” they’re beautiful and not for any specific or stand out reason. Typically, it goes deeper than specific features and involves a mathematical code or relationship that we are completely unaware exists.

True facial beauty excites the senses to an emotional level of pleasure, it involves harmony, proportion, and clarity and is influenced by Seven Facial Features…

1. Facial Shape (cheeks and chin)

2. Forehead height

3. Eyebrow Shape

4. Eye size and inter-eye distance

5. Nose Shape

6. Lips (length and height)

7. Skin Clarity/ Texture/ Colour

When I see my clients, I discuss some of these features with them. An important feature is eye brow shape and something to be considered when requesting anti-wrinkle injections to either your frown, forehead or crows feet. Reason being, relaxing certain muscles can impact your brows by either lifting or flattening them, depending on which muscle is being treated. Similarly Lip Enhancement is probably my most commonly requested treatment in clinic and while volumized, plump lips are great what is more important is assessing what size lip sits harmoniously and in proportion to ones face (on that note, next week I’ll be continuing about Lip Filler).

When it comes time to choosing a professional that you trust with your face, make sure you choose someone who understands these different facial features and their importance. Anyone curious about a full facial assessment, feel free to book in for a free consultation/ facial analysis.

I believe, by subtly enhancing an individual’s facial features and enhancing their external beauty a link is often seen with their internal beauty which seems to bring out something beautiful from inside them as well.

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