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Volume Loss 

Addressing Volume Loss 

Volume loss, can affect various parts of the body including the face, hands, and muscles.

One of the most noticeable effects of ageing is the loss of facial volume, which can result in hollowed cheeks, sunken temples, and thinning lips. This occurs as a natural part of the ageing process due to a decrease in collagen and elastin production, as well as the redistribution and atrophy of fat pads in the face.  We offer services to target static lines and age-related sagging by restoring volume. Our services can lift and define your natural contours and enhance your signature features. They can even restore your facial balance and proportions; the key to facial rejuvenation and looking better. The results of a skilled treatment can be a refreshed and natural areas of face.



Consultation and treatment start at $350.

We offer cosmetic treatment to enhance the lips by providing volume and hydration, just like other parts of your face your lips age. The lip cushions become less full, the Cupid’s bow becomes flatter, the lip border becomes less defined and the corners of the mouth start to droop downwards.


Women of all ages want their lips enhanced. Younger women often opt for a fuller lip look whilst older women tend to seek a more subtle look. Men too will request subtle lip augmentation.

Our Cosmetic Nurses use filler in a delicate conservative manor, never seeking to make clients look like different people. We aims to enhance your natural beauty and bring out the very best qualities of your face. If you’re looking for a freshen up in your face or would like to reverse the signs of aging, we provide among the best dermal fillers Gold Coast has to offer.

Accentuate Lips

Lip filler treatment injections that meet the unique desires of their individual patients for customised lip augmentation.

Accentuate Cheeks bones

Highlight your cheekbones or improve the appearance of cheeks that have become sunken or hollow, or have begun to sag with age.

Other Commonly Treated Areas:

Nasolabial Folds
Marionette Lines
Corner of Mouth
 Dermal Filler


Consultation and treatment star at $350 book a free consult.

We accept Afterpay and Zippy!

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