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Sunshine Coast Bookings

Cosmetic Nurse Jasmine visits Skin & Brow Aesthetics monthly to service our clients from Sunshine Coast.

Treatments include anti-wrinkle injections (botox), dermal fillers, lip enhancement and collagen stimulators.

Availability is limited so booking in advance is advised. We have a strict 48 hour cancelation policy. We understand life happens and if you need to cancel your appointment, with at least 48 hours, you will not incur a fee. However, cancelling within 48 hours of your appointment will result in paying your $50 deposit.   

About Us

Cost of treatment will be determined during your appointment, here is a guide:


Anti Wrinkle Injections

Frown lines ~ from $220

Crows feet ~ from $220

Horizontal forehead lines~ from $300

All 3 areas (frown, forehead and crows) ~ from $490

Jawline slimming ~ from $300 - $600

Lip flip ~ $80

Brow lift ~ $50


Lip Filler

Half ml lip filler ~ $350

Full ml lip filler ~ $490

Dermal Filler (Cheek & Chin)

1ml ~ $600

2ml ~ $1100

1ml Skin Booster ~ $350

Collagen Stimulator


1 Vial ~ $800


Jasmine Bakhach

Registered Cosmetic Nurse and Dermal Clinician 

Jasmine has been working in the cosmetic injectables industry for over 7 years, and recently completed her Bachelor of Nursing in 2022.

Her dedication to combining skin health and injectables promotes superior results, ensuring you look, and most importantly, feel your best.​

Visiting Sunshine Coast monthly.

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